Early Childhood Education

 Early Childhood Education

0 – 7 years = the Early Childhood Education Period

Young children are in the early childhood education period, which is the fastest learning mode of their entire life from birth until about age 7. Just about a year after children normally enter school, their capabilities for rapid learning significantly taper off. Their capacity for learning is never as high as it was during their early years throughout the rest of their life.

Intense Desire to Learn during the Early Childhood Education Period

The drive and desire for children to learn during this period is intense and literally children would rather learn then eat. Care must be taken however not to “force” the learning process.

Parents and Teachers Must Seize the Opportunities for Learning

Because of this period of potential rapid learning during their early childhood education, it makes sense for parents and early teachers to take advantage of this early learning capability and maximize the possibilities for the child.

Learning Any Subject Matter is Possible During the Early Childhood Education Period

Children are capable of learning virtually anything during this Early Childhood Education time in their lives. And what they learn becomes an integral part of their lifelong knowledge base.

Understanding Successful Teaching and Learning Methodologies is Imperative

A clear understanding of what types of learning methodologies actually work during this early childhood education period in a child’s life is very important. And it is incumbent upon parents to make choices about what learning content they want their children to absorb, since during most of this time they will have no teachers or formal education.

Genius = Knowledge Base Input

This period of early childhood education is where genius is created and nurtured. Genius in a specific knowledge base area or overall genius is directly related to the amount of information input and received by the child during this time. The greater the input, the greater the potential for genius.